Weekly Newsletter


                                                           March 18, 2019

Dear Parents,

                        Since March is often a windy month we learn about wind and air in our science lessons. We will read “Gilberto and the Wind” and “The Windy Day” as part of our lessons. Our art projects will reflect this with straw blowing and decorating a kite. We will continue to learn about Lent as we prepare for Easter. St. Joseph’s Day is March 22 and we will learn about this important saint. The Letter of the week is V.

                Next Thurs, March 28 is our parent teacher conference. The sign up sheet is going home today and if you wish to have a conference please send it back as soon as possible. Since some times are more popular than others it will be on a first come basis. I will do my best to give you a time as close as possible to the one requested. It is also an early dismissal day at 11:00 am. Friday, March 29 school is closed.



                                                                Mrs. N. Onorato