1st Grade
Art Projects for January- February:  

The Three Magi: 
To celebrate the feast day, January 6th, Students are developing a drawing of the three kings.  They are instructed to decorate the robes of each figure with ornate designs.  The drawing is colored with mixed media, crayon and colored pencil.  Gold tempera paint is also used

An Emperor Penguin Unit:  
A)  Draw a Penguin:  Students use reference photo material to draw a large Emperor penguin.  They color their drawing with crayon, using reference photos for correct placement.  

B)  A Penguin Sculpture:  Students create a penguin sculpture from Model Magic Clay.  The drawing is used to show the correct shape and form.  The sculpture is painted with tempera paint.

C) A Winter Landscape Drawing: Students create a winter landscape drawing on folded Oak Tag which the completed penguin sculpture is placed on and attached to the penguin drawing.