Algebra Mrs. DeRosa

Room 205 12:40-1:20
Extra help by appointment only.

Homework will be scheduled every night unless there is a quiz or test.  All homework problems are assigned during class.  Please bring your textbook, workbook, notebook, and calculator to every class.
Homework is 20% of the students' grade.
Assessments are 40% of a student's grade.
Classwork is 30% of a student's grade.
Participation is 10% of a student's grade.

Week of March 11th
Monday homework 12-4
Tuesday homework 12-5
Wednesday homework 12-6
Thursday homework 12-7
Friday homework 12-8

Week of March 18th
Monday review
Tuesday test
Wednesday regents hw Jan 2019 part 1
Thursday regents hw Jan 2019 part 2
Friday regents hw Jan 2019 part 3

There is a test on Tuesday, March 19th:
Frequency and histograms
Measures of central tendency and dispersion
Box and whisker plots
Samples and Surveys
Permutations and Combinations
Theoretical and experimental probabilities
Probability of compound events