8th Grade Mathematics Mrs. DeRosa
room 205    2:00-2:40
Extra help by appointment.


You need a calculator TI84 for this class!!!!!

We will be starting in the Digits workbook Unit E which is called Geometry on October 9th.
Topic 9 in the Digits workbook will begin on Tuesday, October 9th.  This topic discusses congruence which is in the unit of Geometry.  Topic 10 will begin on Friday, October 19th.  This topic is about similarity.  Topic 11 will begin on Tuesday, October 30th.  This topic is about reasoning in Geometry. Topic 12 starts on November 15th and it involves using the Pythagorean Theorem.  The last topic which is topic 13 starts on November 30th and this is all about surface area and volume.

There is a test on Thursday, November 29th.
Reasoning and proof
The Pythagorean Theorem
Finding unknown lengths
The converse of the Pythagorean theorem
Distance in the coordinate plane

All assignments can be found on the 8th grade mathematics calendar.  The calendar tab is on the page in the left top corner.