6th Grade Mathematics Mrs. DeRosa
Room 205 10:00-10:40am
Extra help by appointment

Assessments 40%
Classwork 30%
Homework 20%
Participation 10%

Here are two websites you can use for reinforcement.


All computer homework is located at www.pearsonrealize.com.  The password is derosa205.  The username is different for every student and should be written in the agenda book.

Topic 7 will begin on Friday, March 1st.  In this topic, students will solve area, surface area, and volume problems.

There is a test on topic 7 on Thursday, March 28th:
Find the area of parallelograms and rhombuses
Solve triangle area problems
Find areas of trapezoids and kites
Find areas of polygons
Represent solid figures using nets
Find surface areas of prisms
Find surface areas of pyramids
Find volume with fractional edge lengths

There is a quiz on Wednesday, March 20th.
Please study the area of parallelograms, rhombuses, and triangles.

There is a quiz on Monday, March 25th on sections 7-3 (area of trapezoids) and 7-4 (area of polygons).