3rd Grade


1. Spelling
2. Math- Sheet
3. Multiplication Master (8x2=16)
4. Reading Sheet
5. Read
6. Pizza Permission Slip or a note due tomorrow!
7. Math Test Topic 10 on Wednesday

1. Spelling
2. Math- Test tomorrow
3. Multiplication Master (8x3=24)
4. Reading Sheet
5. Read 

1. Spelling
2. Math- Prodigy
3. Multiplication Master (8x4=32)
4. Reading Sheet
5. Read
6. Reminder: bring a drink and any snacks you need for lunch if you are getting pizza from Mr. Donald. 

1. Spelling
2. Math- pages 577 and  578
3. Multiplication Master (8x5=40)
4. Reading Sheet
5. Read

1. Go to Mass!
2. Read!
3. Sign up for Jump Rope for Heart!!
4. Have a great weekend!!

Spelling Words:
dentist, editor, artist, hostess, actress, swimmer, seller, tutor, tourist, organist, lioness, shipper, chemist, investor, conductor, announcer, pharmacist, journalist, commuter, and pianist.

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Vocabulary Words

  1. Celebrate-to do something special in honor of a special person or day
  2. Continued- kept up; kept on going
  3. Current- a flow or stream of water
  4. Drowned- died or caused to die under water or other liquid because of lack of air to breathe
  5. Medals- pieces of metal, like coins, that are given as prizes or rewards
  6. Strokes- single, complete movements made over and over again
  7. Stirred- mixed something by moving it around with a spoon or stick



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No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God lives in us and His love is made complete in us.
-1 John 4:12